Views towards Trevelmond in the parish of St Pinnock The War Memorial at East Taphouse in the parish of St Pinnock The Water Tower at East Taphouse in the parish of St Pinnock Braddock C of E School at East Taphouse East Taphouse Community Hall St Pinnock Church Connon Methodist Chapel Sheep grazing in fields around East Taphouse

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The parish of St Pinnock is in the Liskeard Registration District and is bordered by St Cleer and St Neot parishes to the north, by Lanreath and Duloe parish to the south, and by Broadoak parish to the west. According to the 2011 census the population then was 673.

St Pinnock Parish Church lies on the edge of the hamlet of St Pinnock. There are two Methodists Chapels, Canon Chapel and Trevelmond Chapel, in the parish. Other settlements in the parish include East Taphouse and Trevelmond.

The parish has a Church of England Primary School and a Community Hall, both at East Taphouse.